Applying For Financial Aid: Eligibility And Drug Rehabilitation

The eligibility status is an integral part of applying for federal student aid. Drug rehabilitation program is an essential element of the gaining eligibility process. It is necessary to pass a test on the web to know how your drug offense influences your eligibility. According to the results of the online tests you can be considered eligible, partially eligible, or ineligible. You can fill in the student aid eligibility worksheet on the governmental websites which provides information of federal student aid programs. Eligible. If you have filled in the worksheet, and the answer was "No", it means that you are eligible. You can be considered eligible in spite of your drug offense which did not affect your eligibility for the federal student aid program. Partially Eligible. If you have filled in the worksheet and received the answer "Yes (partially during the year)", you are considered to be partially eligible for the federal student aid.

It means that you will become eligible during one school year. However, you can become eligible earlier than in a year if you complete a drug rehabilitation program. This is a key condition while granting federal student aid. Ineligible. If you have filled in the worksheet and received the answer "Yes", you are considered ineligible for federal student aid program for this school. To become eligible for this school you should complete an acceptable drug rehabilitation program. Moreover, you can be considered eligible for state aid. An Acceptable Drug Rehabilitation Program An acceptable drug rehabilitation program is a set of tests and actions aimed at helping you to overcome the consequences of drug offense. The program includes two unannounced drug tests. The drug rehabilitation program should be qualified to receive money that is readily available from governments of different levels, or an insurance company which possesses a state license. It should be also recognized by government agency, court, health clinic or medical doctor that are state-licensed. As you can see, the drug offense conviction is an important aspect of your life which can affect the results of your eligibility test.