Education and Drug Rehabilitation Go Hand in Hand


Studying is an important part of life.  In a long term drug rehabilitation setting, however, it becomes even more crucial.  Drug rehabilitation programs seek to teach addicts a new way of life: one that is drug-free.

As a matter of fact, at some of the best and more modern drug rehabs, the majority of the program is conducted in the classroom setting.  So unless these rehabs teach their clients to recognize some of barriers with study and learning new information, the addict may hit a brick wall in his rehabilitation.

The information that the addict has available to him is potentially life changing.  It could help him or her confront problems and situations he or she has not been able to do deal with in the past.  But unless the addict can learn, he or she won’t make any gains.

The best long term drug rehabs include study and educational programs as part of their curriculum.  In these programs, addicts learn how to study the right way.  Many drug addicts are formerly failed students.  This was part of the difficulty he or she ran into before starting to abuse drugs.

In these programs, addicts become able to recognize and overcome barriers with studying and learning.  Practical drills and exercises are applied throughout the rehab program so that the addict is able to do this successfully.  In this way, he’ll be able to study the program curriculum fully and use this information throughout the rest of his life and retain any knowledge he learns.

The addict has a lot to learn before it can be considered that he has fully recovered.  Getting him off drugs is not enough, because if he hasn’t dealt with the underlying issues that caused him to go to drugs in the first place, it’s certain that he’ll go back to drugs again. 

This is the reason that most drug rehabilitation programs have a success rate of lower than 10%.  They do not teach the life skills that are necessary to maintain a sober, happy life.  And even if they do teach this, they are not able to provide the educational patch-up that helps the addict be able to receive the information.

It’s a problem of getting back to square zero.  And square zero, in a drug abuse rehab program, is the ability to learn.