A History of Drug Rehabilitation

Drug rehabilitation refers to the various medical and psychotherapeutic options available in combating drug addiction. Drug rehabilitation aims at enabling an individual rid themselves of the shackles of being addicted to a drug. By ensuring a person overcomes drug addiction, rehabilitation also eliminates the social, legal, financial and physical liabilities that drug addiction brings along. There are various approaches to drug rehabilitation, including detoxification which is aimed at helping one cope with withdrawal symptoms. There are also therapeutic sessions for dealing with the psychological side of addiction.

The famous Alcoholics Anonymous or simply AA is the first recorded shot at drug rehabilitation. Founded in the 1930s by two reformed alcoholics, AA has been of great help to people seeking drug rehab programs to fight their drug addiction problems. Though it was initially based on concepts of theology, the pioneers of AA also put into practice input from some of their atheist members. Since Alcoholics Anonymous proved so successful, the same concept was applied to many other addictions such as gambling, overeating and even narcotics. Alcoholics Anonymous stresses heavily on the role of support groups in the journey of drug rehabilitation.

Along the way, various people have emerged with different ideas of revolutionizing drug rehabilitation. Some have come up with ideas to form religious based drug rehab centers while others opt to go the secular way. This provides people who are seeking rehabilitation with various options to choose from. When choosing a drug rehab center one should go for one that they are comfortable with. It is therefore important to research on the founding principles of a drug rehab center before signing up for a rehab program.

There have been attempts by several groups in the country to propagate awareness of drug addiction and drug rehabilitation in learning institutions through various means and methods. Some of these groups have hit a brick wall where the concerned school officials feel that the groups are teaching concepts that they do not agree with. However, it is important to note that overall the awareness of the effects of drug addiction to drugs and the available drug rehab programs has increased. Information on rehabilitation is readily available on the internet and as such, it is easier for young people to stay informed on the options available in the case of drug rehabilitation after being addicted to drugs.

Society is also more receptive towards rehabilitation of former drug addicts. In the years gone by, checking into an institution to get your drug problem fixed would earn one a lot of labels and misconceived judgment. Today's modern world has embraced the idea of giving drug addicts a second chance to prove themselves by giving them a fresh start, free from drugs. The drug rehabilitation cause has been greatly aided by all those celebrities who have stood up and admitted to having drug problems. When people see their role models admitting to being human and making wrong choices, then the stage is set for their own admission. In a nutshell, one can conclude that the drug rehab center is an institution that has come a long way.