Recreational use of ED drugs is bad for one's health

When Viagra first appeared, it was hailed as effective by the millions who had been affected by erectile dysfunction. This left many in the rest of the community curious. Men whose sexual performance had always seemed adequate wondered whether the use of the little blue pills could somehow make the experience better. Even women who had found men a little underwhelming wondered whether they might use viagra and find their own orgasms improved. At first, this was viewed as a benign development. Women quickly discovered their use of the pills had no effect, while men found there was no difference in their performance and decided it was cheaper to enjoy sex the natural way. We now move forward to 2012.

Viagra recreational use triggers psychological problems

A new survey finds the recreational use of erectile dysfunction drugs can have a negative effect. The research was based on 1,200 young men of college age and the finding is that men who took the drugs without a prescription found sex less satisfying. This seems to be an issue of self-confidence. Some men were either feeling inadequate or found their sex lives less satisfying than they expected. Whatever the reason, they took the drug to boost their performance or hoping to gain increased satisfaction. After several doses, the men reported a more general dissatisfaction with their sexual performance. If we can believe these self-reports, it seems recreational use introduces or amplifies psychological problems. Worse, these problems seem to persist.

Te routine use of Viagra masks your health problems

Experts say there's no evidence men develop a tolerance for erectile dysfunction drugs. They work as well, or as badly, throughout time. But if you use Viagra or other Ed drugs over time, this could mask a general decline in physical ability through aging or for some other reason. These other reasons could be psychological, i.e. acting as a spectator to your own physical performance can make it seem less enjoyable, or it may lead to greater expectations than can ever be satisfied. Or advancing artherosclerosis may be hidden and make it more likely the men will have a stroke or heart attack.